Why is Tramadol a Controlled Substance?

What is Tramadol?
The medicinal branch of medical sciences has made several discoveries in the treatment of human health issues. Among the most occurring everyday problems, headache and body pain are the common symptoms that a person may face due to lifestyle choices or an underlying disease. To overcome such issues, doctors mostly prescribe for the use of Tramadol medication. It is a generic medicine from the opioid family of drugs and famous by its brand name Ultram.

The formulation of this drug (Tramadol) is directed to be taken by mouth to get instant relief from the ongoing pain. As already said, Tramadol belongs to the class of opioid analgesics, and the pain medications that come from this category are highly effective. That's why opioids are only prescribed when other pain medications are not effective enough on the patient's health. Hence, the FDA has permitted Tramadol for the relief of pain that occurs inside a human body. Furthermore, it states that Tramadol work as per the person's pain condition, and you must take it after getting a prescription from the doctor.

What is Tramadol used for?

Tramadol is a primary medication that is available in the United States for its medicinal properties. Doctors prescribe Tramadol to the patients who suffer from the problem of moderate to severe pain that occurs inside a human body. Furthermore, it is available in immediate-release and extended-release versions. It is often known that Tramadol used by different people can have various effects on their health.

As we said above, the brand name of Tramadol is Ultram, which means that people may want to purchase an effective version of the drug. However, they must know that medication prescription is mandatory to make it available from the drug store. Most of the generic drugs are not available in as many types as of its brand version. However, Tramadol is accessible because of its easy availability dosage forms. In addition to this, generic drugs also cost less than brand drugs.

What does Tramadol look like?

Tramadol works inside your brain by changing the senses of pain. The medication is similar to the substance present inside the brain, called endorphins. They act by binding to the pain receptors and decreases the message that is sent through the body. Thus, Tramadol also works on your brain in the same manner.

The tablets of Tramadol comes in round and circular shape that are sold in the US market at different prices. The doses of Tramadol that are mostly given to the individuals are determined as per their health condition and the intensity of ongoing pain. Your doctor may prescribe for the usage of Tramadol 50mg, 100mg, and 200mg drug dose. Each of Tramadol work depending upon the situation and time for which you are prescribed the tablet.

What schedule is Tramadol?

As per the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), Tramadol is classified under the Controlled Substance Act because of the drug abuse it can cause on human health. Furthermore, it is put under schedule IV of the CSA as unlike other medications, Tramadol may cause serious damage if you do not take it as per the guidelines of the health expert. Other harmful drugs like heroin and cocaine come in the schedule I, which means they are extremely dangerous.

Why is Tramadol a Controlled Substance?

It is often seen that when a drug gets easily available in the market, people start misusing it. There can be different reasons for which it is necessary for you to take Tramadol as per the prescription. People who are not aware of the adverse effects of Tramadol must be informed about the right usage of the drug. Many times when Tramadol is used to get relief from pain, the heavy dosage of the medication can make a person feel dizzy for a short time. It means that you need to be sure that you are taking the appropriate dosage of the drug.

The drug abuse that can occur with the regular usage of Tramadol is more harmful than its side effects. It is seen that a lot of times, people who have a history of drug addiction are more likely to suffer from the harmful effects of Tramadol. Therefore, it is known that putting Tramadol in schedule IV of the Controlled Substance is useful in saving human lives from the alternating effects of Tramadol. Also, do not stop taking Tramadol tablets before recommending it with the doctor.

Side effects of Tramadol -

The use of Tramadol without even thinking if the drug is safe for use or there might occur any adverse effect of it. That's the reason we advise you to always purchase it as per the prescription. There can be different Tramadol side effects that may occur -

Common Side Effects -

Feeling of nausea



Feeling low energized


Getting dizzy


Serious Side Effects -

Rapid heart rate


High blood pressure

Stronger reflexes


Shallow breathing

Fainting and dizziness

Dilated pupils

Stomach cramps

Muscle aches

Trouble sleeping

These are some of the aftereffects of Tramadol that a person may come across while using the drug. It will be better if you take advice from a health expert before starting with the use of Tramadol for pain relief treatment.